DesignUK’s Logo

design UK Logo

Why have a blog that looks at other peoples work and who focuses on design if you can’t discuss your own? Well, I’m about to address that issue by talking a little bit about the ‘DesignUK’ logo.

The font used for it is called ‘Galano Grotesque’, it’s nothing too flashy but that’s why I like it. I think simplicity can go a long way. As the name of the blog is ‘DesignUK’ then it seemed only fair to incorporate the Union Jack into the design. It was power clipped into the font and then overlaid. The colour scheme is light and cheerful without being too blinding. I do like the logo but I will hold my hands up and admit to a very apparent strong bias.

I’d love to hear some other thoughts about it though so please leave a comment and let me know you think.