British Photographers to Keep Your Eye Out For

Imagery is one of the most crucial factors within design. It can help to aid typography and to complete a visual. So, why not look into some of Britain’s current photographers? I decided to put a list together of some fantastic individuals from our very own little island.

Amy Shore 

Shore is a journalistic photographer from the Midlands. I love the idea of photographs being ‘Journalistic’, as it means that all her images tell a story. Her work mainly focuses around cars and motorbikes but she has photographed other aspects of the world too. Some of her most famous clients include Land Rover, Lexus and Renault Alpine. Here is some of her work…

Dean Chalky

This photographer is based in in London and he makes films too even though they’re mainly personal or experimental. He loves capturing culture and music and has worked with many record companies and fashion brands. Some of his biggest clients include: Levis, RayBan and NewBalance.

Martin Parr

This guy is the most controversial on the list. His images aim to battle propaganda and he wants to show the world through his eyes. He shows original, entertaining images that have concepts of leisure, consumption and communication. He is slightly out there but does well to convay to the world what he sees.

Conor Mcdonnel

The story about how Conor got into the photography business is really interesting and almost makes me a bit jealous. From taking photos at concerts, to now being the ambassador for Nikon and being asked to photograph Kim and Kanye’s wedding, his images are almost inspiring! He focuses a lot on musicians and has even been on an Arctic expedition.

Dominic Hinde

Dominic is a freelance photographer an film maker based in the UK, his work is well shot and I see him as a respectable up-and-coming photographer.

Matthew Lloyd

He’s a photographer based in Yorkshire. He’s slick and his photo’s range from landscape work, to people, to advertising. I guess you could say that he’s the whole package really. Some of his shoots have been taken for The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Land Rover. He’s also taken lots of pictures of many celebrities.