About Me

I’m not going begin by lying and say I’m a certified professional within the field of design because I’m not. I’m quite simply someone with a passion for art and design; I appreciate a good logo or branding when I see it. I’m also intrigued by branding and all the different factors surrounding what it means to build a ‘successful brand’. That is why I started this blog. I decided that I wanted to share my passion with the internet alongside with my opinion. My ambition isn’t just to talk endlessly about design, but to learn more about it myself and hopefully pass on my findings and maybe even inspire.

My name is Anni Spencer and I come from a little town in the North West called Skelmersdale. I’m currently attending college; I study English Language, Graphics and Media studies and like most people in my position I have absolutely no idea what I want to do ‘when I grow up’. I like graphics and I’m fascinated by the English language. I thought that by starting a blog, I’m addressing the niche that I fall into and with any luck, giving myself an idea of what I want to do. It’s like an experimental bit of creativity that other people may benefit from too.

I think my passion began from being really young. Both my dad and my step-dad are Graphic Designers so I guess that it was fate that I’d show an interest in art and design. I’ve been watching my dad create illustrations and graphics since before I could even speak and from the point where I could wield a pencil I’ve been scribbling away in my own time too. But as the famous saying goes, I have to walk before I can run, so I think I should learn to appreciate and understand a decent piece before trying to go out into the world and crafting my own.